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How is Europe's progress in digital transformation?

Workplaces constantly innovate, but some are slower to adapt to digital transformation.

In our modern, hyper-connected world, businesses find themselves surrounded by information. The challenge of our era is to learn how to not just handle and store that data, but how to embrace it to fuel the next steps in business growth.The answer is simple: Digital transformation. Two words that are too often considered buzzwords or a trend, when in reality, it is the answer to making data the oil of the 21st century. The answer is simple: Digital transformation. Two words that are too often considered buzzwords or a trend, when in reality, it is the answer to making data the oil of the 21st century. Many organisations remain stuck in their traditional ways, relying upon paper documentation which is unsafe, hard to find and difficult to store. Technology now provides enterprises with an alternative, but many professionals, even IT experts, have confessed to not being up to date with the latest solutions.

Business Digitalisation in Europe - Outlook 2019

Read the full study from the Europe-wide survey, including in-depth analysis and conclusions, here.

Tools such as Content Services or Enterprise Content Management provide companies with a platform to streamline and optimise the way they handle information. By simplifying workflows and allowing for easy search facilities when tracking down specific data, these content management facilities provide revolutionary ways to work.

This technology of course requires investment. Many larger companies have already made that first step, but small to medium sized enterprises have been more reluctant to do so. As time goes on and the benefits become more and more clear, the risk is becoming increasingly worth taking for all.

With Kyocera's Business Digitalisation in Europe Outlook 2019, you can learn more about the status of digital transformation across the continent. Whilst some countries, such as The Netherlands, make rapid advances in the digitalisation of their documents and processes, others are lagging behind. 

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Download the infographic

Discover a bitesize summary of Kyocera's Business Digitalisation in Europe Outlook 2019, highlighting the key results and findings from a study across seven of Europe's most advanced economies.

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